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Marine  de  guerre 
                                      anglaise                     English military 


Dec 19 th 1886 to
January 3rd 1887.

La  marine anglaise.

de  1870 

A serie of   Tuck's Post  Card. "our Navy"
sailing price: 5 euros the post card

Torpedo boats.These vessels,the
greyhounds of the fleet are built
partly by the Schichau Docks
and partly by the Germania Docks.
Their tonnage varies from 280 to
482 tons and their speed from
21 to 30 knots an hour,average length
198 feet Crew 35 to 57 men Three
torpedo tubes.

H.M.S "Peterel" torpedo boat.

H.MS. "Bullfinch" torpedo boat.

H.M.S "Swiftaure"Battle ship Launched
1903   11.800 tons I.H.P 12.500
19 kts Armament 4  10 inch guns
14  7.5 inch  14  14 pr  4 6 pr.

H.M.S. "Prince of Wales" 
battleship launched 1903.
15.000 tons L.H.P. 15.000
18 knots Armament 4 12 inch guns
12  6 inch 16 12 pr 2 3 pr.

H.M.S."Benbow" Battleship
completed 1914. 25.000 tons
HP 29.000 Armament ten 13.5 inch

battle ship ofa new class.A cross
between a battleship and a battle cruiser
Driven by oil fuel and carring eight
of the new 15 inch guns  9 ships of 
this class are being added to the
british Navy during 1915.

H.M.S "Emperor of India"battleship
completed in 1914   .25.000 tons
hp29.000 Armament ten 13 inch guns.

H.M.S " Triumph" Twin-screw first class
armoured battelship 436 ft long 11.800 tons
HP . 12.500 speed 19.6 knots

H.M.S. " Audacious" battleship launched
1912. 23.000 tons.    27.000 S.H.P.
21 knots.  10/ 13,5 inches guns  16:4in guns
3 torpedoes 

H.M.S." Collingwood" Dreadnought
battleship Launched 1908.
19.250 tons S.H.P 24.500 .
21 kts


The Neale biplane
& submarine flotilla.

Latest type British submarine

"E" class, scouling.

sailing price: 5 euros
the post card

H.M.S. Defence.

Armoured cruiser,launched 1907.
14.600 tons.
L.H.P. 27.000.  23 knots.
Armament 4  9.2 inch gun 
10   7.5 inch guns.
5 torpedo tubes.

H.M.S Bellerophon

H.M.S Lord Nelson.

H.MS. Neptune.


H.M.S.  Dreadnought

ship of the air

S.M.S Mecklenburg.
First class armoured battle ship 

Super "Dreadnought" battleship launched
1910. 29.500 tons S.H.P.27.000.21 kts.
Armament 10  13.5 inch guns.16 4inch
guns 3 torpedo.

H.M.S "King Alfred".
Twin -screw first class armoured cruiser
500 ft long  draught 14.100 tons.
I.H.P. 30.893  speed 23 kts.
Built at Barrow cost 1.013.772 pounds

sailing price: 5 euros
the post card

H.M.S. "New Zeland"
this battle cruiser wich was presented
to the British Navy by the people
of New-Zeland,draught 18.800 tons
44.030 S.H.P.turbine. Built at Glasgow

H.MS. "Aboukir".
twin -screww first class armoured
cruiser 440 feet long draugt 12.375 tons
L.H.P. 21.375 speed 21 kts.
Built at Fairfield cost 783.893 pound.

H.M.S Natal.
heavy armoured cruisers and
the Telier monoplane.

H.M.S "Iron Duke".
Battle ship lauched 1912.      25.000 tons
I.H.P. 29.000 Command of the Home fleet

Sinking of the German
torpedo boat destroyer 126.

Destruction of four German
torpedo boat destroyers off
Dutch coast.

sailing price: 5 euros
the post card

H.M.S "Birmingham" sinking
german submarine U.151.

The "Emden" sunk by the

the battle of Trafalgar 
21 october 1805.

sailing price: 5 euros
the post card

Nelson reception at Naples
after the battle of the Nile
August 1798.

The battle of Copenhagen
april 1802.

The battle of St Vincent
February 14 th 1797.

The japanese fleet 1906.

The shikinima

A Japanese battleship.


Warships of world war 1
by H.M Le Fleming

Warships of worldwar II
J.J. Colleddge.

selling price 60 francs each.

Fighting ships
of world war one and two.

selling price :150 francs.

a history of the modern battleship

by Richard Hought.
Patrick Stehens 1964/1975.
selling price:170 francs.

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